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UNILORIN Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Candidates who participated in the admission screening exercise for 2016/2017 academic session can now proceed to confirm their admission status on the University’s portal.

To check your admission status, visit:-

Enter your login details on the spaces provided and proceed to view your admission status.

Note: The portal is still unstable at the moment. You can check back if you are unable to access at the moment.


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  1. When will unilorin 2nd list come out

  2. Is D.E student names are not included on the first batch

  3. Please what do I use as the password

  4. Please what do I use as the password

  5. is this true! Abeg

  6. When will DE admission comes out ?

  7. pls when will the second batch comes out.

  8. how come?God help.

  9. what do I use as the password

  10. I dnt understand

  11. Pls wen wl second batch list be out

  12. adebayo kofoworola sofiat

    Please what do i use for the password

  13. d list is not yet out!!! do u c any notice on unilorin website??


    is the 1st batch out?

  15. 1st batch is out!!!

  16. please what do i use as password

  17. Please when will second batch come out

  18. pls when is 2nd list coming out

  19. Ajibola rukayat omobolaji

    Please what do i use as my password

  20. please sir,what should we use as our password

  21. password please

  22. Plz sir wen is 2nd batch coming out

  23. use ur surename

  24. plssssss…. would d 2nd batch list still b alphabetically or at wud start from Anoda letter

  25. username is nt working

  26. please ooo!!! are they doing it alphabetically or just randomly

  27. Pls sir, d username is nt workin

  28. D surname is nt workin

  29. I apply 4 de my name is their

  30. are they release screening result for unilorin

  31. d user name z nt working oo

  32. wen is second batch coming out. plssss.

  33. is it by alphabet? or randomly

  34. Plz, wen iz the 2nd batch likely to be out….

  35. wen z d 2nd batch list cuming out nd d screening 0% result will it change if we are given admission

  36. D surname is nt working as d password

  37. please i want to make a confermation that, which day will second batch is going to be release?

  38. When will d second batch out??

  39. Muhammed Abdur-raheem

    when ever i login my picture doesnt show on my account buh everytyn else’s dere wuld dat affect me on getting an admissn

  40. Oyewole grace oluwatelemi

    Have i being giving admission

  41. kabirat damilola jimoh

    pls when will release the second Batch

  42. Can someone upload another pic so we can be sure

  43. 1st batch is out….and ur surname is yur password

  44. 1st batch is out….and ur surname is yur password….2nd batch will be released soon ,. Maybe by oct

  45. You can be sure. .have done mine already…d acceptance fee is 20k

  46. please what can i use as password

  47. Wen is the 2nd batch coming out.

  48. pls is the remedial program form

  49. Plz when I check my admission status ,I was ask to checkback later. I hope it wouldn’t be difficult for me to gain admission.

  50. I want study marketing in unilorin but in my o level I have 9 credit but I don’t have economics say how get admission to unilorin

  51. my pix is not showing but all other things are showing does dat affect me.

  52. Pls is de candidate included

  53. when will second batch unilorin will released

  54. Pls is the pre screening result out cuz the last time i checked i saw 0% and when should we be expecting the release of the 2nd list for admission?

  55. PLS when is unilorin releasing their 2nd list o abeg

  56. pls i don’t know if unilorin second list is truly out

  57. sanni Adewale abdulsamad

    Ur password is ur surname while ur username is ur jamb regarding no

  58. sanni Adewale abdulsamad

    Ur password is ur surname while ur username is ur jamb reg no

  59. pls o we nid d 2nd batch o we av been waitin o

  60. I registered my o’ level result with Abdul rasheed abdulwaheed den janb wt abdulwaheed abdulrasheed will I get admissions yes or no

  61. Wen z unilorin 2nd batch list cumin out

  62. I don’t know whether they have pasted the list or uploaded it on net ie PDF?

  63. Owolabi Nimotallahi Yetunde

    Plz We Re Waiting 4 Unilorin 2nd Batch Plz Ooo!!

  64. plz wen is d 2nd batch cuming out?

  65. Pls i use check my admission status b4,bt nw am unable 2 check it so dat i can check my clearance status,hop no p

  66. when is 2nd batch coming out

  67. The suspence of the admission is too much that i am even tired of waiting

  68. Pls has any public admin aspirant been given admission yet? Is d 2nd list out?

  69. pls wats going on now on d admission stuff?

  70. pls wats going on now on d admission stuff?

  71. I heard d list would be out after convocation,is dat tru

  72. Abeg, when will unilorin release the second batch coz am tired of waiting oooo😖😔

  73. Pls when will d second list be out?????????????

  74. please i didnt include my signature…..please is that going to be a problem?

  75. 2nd list will be surely uploaded lately 2nd week of Nov…Goodluck

  76. Pls wen is second batch going to be out??? hope d signature wont have any effect bcoz i did nt sign

  77. please ooo. I heard the list will be uploaded today

  78. d 1st batch admission list is only giving to d candidates dat did remedian ….i tink

  79. when is 2nd batch is coming out

  80. unillorin abeg no kill person o

  81. am not asking when d second batch will be out just let my name be on it

  82. please is the D.E admission list out

  83. Pls iz d second list goin 2 cum out latsest second week of november

  84. when is unilorin second batch coming out

  85. D second batch will b out by 15th of nov so candidate b patient n prayerful. Shey u knw unilorin n their wayz

  86. Am fed up on unilorin buh never give up looking up to GOD not unilorin again toomuch of xpetation

  87. Babatunde ifelola

    I’m babatunde ifelola,but wen I was doing my screening dr was a mistake instead of IFELOLA but they wrote IFEOLA please are they going to offer me admission?

  88. please sir we need the second batch list when it is out immediately,thanks for your support

  89. plz i applied for anatomy in unilorin n i scored 224..will i b able yo secure adm.
    quivk response plz.

  90. wen will second batch comes out

  91. plz I didn’t sign hop no prob

  92. pls when is 2bacth going to be out pls?

  93. plz i applied for anatomy in unilorin n i
    scored 224..will i b able to secure adm.
    quick response plz.

  94. Can you please give me the exact date University of Ilorin Second List of Admission 2016/2017 session

  95. Pls is there still hope for me? I scored 220 in jamb & i applied for public administration. My O’level result is very ok. Has any pub. Admin candidate been offered admission yet? Unilorin.

  96. i was checkin my status i culdnt find my passport wat apen am xo woried abt dat

  97. Every one that has commented and is still waiting for admission will see his or her name on the Second Batch list save only 6people.

  98. when is unilorin second batch out

  99. pls i check my status nd i cant find my passport pls wat happen. and wen is unilorin second batch coming out

  100. pls.wen is the 2nd batch list wil b out. nd also is t point dey ar using 4 d admission screening.

  101. I pray GOD favours all direct entry students in d 2nd list. Amen

  102. so hopefully by Nov 15 second batch
    will be out.

  103. is Nov 15 d exact date?

  104. Hope admmision list we be this week

  105. May God help person

  106. unilorin why are you doing like dis, please release this thing!!! (2nd list)

  107. Pls wil d.e names be included in d nxt batch??

  108. Pls wen sud we be xpecting d 2nd batch bkus m tired f dis postponing of a thing oo..pls unilorin

  109. God please touch the hrt of anyone delaying unilorin 2nd list nd pls let my name b in d list.amen

  110. my prayer is any day that they wish to release the second list God let my name among amin

  111. unilorin let my name be there ooo (2nd list)

  112. when is unilorin second batch will be out

  113. wen will d 2nd list be out

  114. Ma redeemer lives. I no m gonna make it, m very sure, its ma dream

  115. God pls let d list b out soon nd my name should b included

  116. D list is taking heaven nd earth all I pray is dat wen they wish to release it my wil be dere…cuz am getting tired of waiting

  117. I wish d list should come out quickly


  119. is second batch out?

  120. Pls when is out pls give me notice.This is my number 09086208489,thanks

  121. pls wen is d 2nd batch admission list gonna be out????

  122. Yah Robil Let My Name Be Among,i Scored 221 In Jamb,i Applied For Nursing

  123. unilorin dis suspense is too much

  124. unilorin na wa for u ooooooooooooo pl release d second list nd stop givin us headache everyday

  125. The admission list unilorin is abt to release will be favourable to us all. In shaa Allah

  126. Let us keep on praying.

  127. Is d list out

  128. pls is direct entry list out also

  129. is all d second list out

  130. Are there going to be more names for the second list?

  131. I check mine nw and it saying invalid login parameters,plz wat going on.

  132. I checked about 2 hours ago and tz says av not been recommended for admission…. does DAT mean no admission or I shud check back later.

  133. Hv not been recommended for admission yet….plss wat can i do

  134. Ojo Israel Olushola

    Pls Am Checking Mine @ D Portal It Keep Telling Me Invalid Login Pls Wats Wrong

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